In New Memoir, New Jersey’s Own Pat Miller Recounts 30 Colorful Years in Construction, Raising Her Family and Then Losing It All – Almost

Kicking Karma's Ass

Kicking Karma’s Ass is an Inspiring Read for all Ages

Pat Miller is one of New Jersey’s true female trailblazers. As owner of Blue Diamond Construction working on building sites all around state, she has spent more than three decades as a woman who really does work in a man’s world.

As an entrepreneur, mother and wife, life has always been full – and full of surprises. But several years ago, those surprises became almost unbearable. Within the space three years, she lost both her parents, her brother and the love of her life – her husband and business partner, Ray. And, in the process of caring for them all, she also almost lost her multi-million-dollar business.

But hold on. It’s Pat Miller. In her new book, Kicking Karma’s Ass: Unbelievable Stories of Strength, Resilience and Perseverance, Pat recounts with humor, insight and love the obstacles life has thrown in her way and how she made the decision to “Phoenix Up” – to rise from the ashes and not let those challenges define her, even though they have shaped her.

Hysterical, sad and incredible, the book’s message is clear: If you’ve ever felt like life was kicking you in the ass and you wanted to give up, DON’T. The youngest of seven children in a family of little means who, at age five, started working full time every summer on her family’s farm stand, Pat Miller proves that no matter how hard it is, even if you are suddenly solo and restarting literally every part of your life, you can do it. And, remarkably, it can work out for you even better than you ever imagined.

Told with gritty wit and even grittier wisdom, Pat offers up stories from her life that are funny, sad, charming, heartbreaking – and always real. It is an inspirational tale of pulling up your boots – in this case, a steel-toed, designer pair – and getting on with life. And, learning how to kick karma’s ass when it feels like karma is not on your side.

“I want to inspire and motivate others who feel totally alone in restarting their lives, to know it can be done no matter how bad things are, or were, that it can get better but you have to get out of bed, first. Life can weigh us all down. The trick is to stand back up and kick karma’s ass,” says Miller.

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